29 Jul 2011

at the end of the day

status: Machi

28 Jul 2011

Bunesti 2011 - the people [2]

listen and dream

sunset moment

8 months


in the church, Bradetu

listen and pray

happy moment

musical moment

family gesture


good night discussions

Bunesti 2011 - the people [1]

going for a ride

resting on a motorcycle

at the end of a long ride

resting among puppies

run to the water... from the water

run through the water

ready to work

bricks, break, orange

new friends


climbing on a tripod...

...and sinking a well

26 Jul 2011

cuteness around the house


a large small world

25 Jul 2011

playing with fire

in the middle of the glade

Arnau's sphere

sfantu' cinci / the "saint five"

fire tunnel

warming screensaver

at the midnight hour [1]

the sky on 24th of July

24 Jul 2011

waiting for the sunset

14 Jul 2011

la mare

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