23 May 2009

Muntii Baiului [1] - landscapes

in the mountains

looking to the sky

the valley

snow in May

vertical layers 1

vertical layers 2

wild lent lilies

vertical sunlight


the watcher

green... to blue...




vertical view


the 'lent lily slope'

shadowed hill

grass in the wind 1

grass in the wind 2


4 comentarii:

Anderson Tang said...

impressive photos!
great job~

CostinGxG said...

thank you very much!

Carpe Diem said...

Reusite cadrele!
Printre preferate: Vertical layer 1, Civilization si Vertical view.
Frumoase culorile - se vede ca ai prins vreme buna :)
La cat mai multe!

[燕] said...

HOw can find those beautiful places?!wow..realLY nice!!!Is hard to find such a good places from here >.<

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